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      1. Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Qiaosen Precision Mechanial Co., Ltd.!

        Wuxi Qiaosen Precision Mechanial Co., Ltd.

        Japan JIS a Standard Implementation

        Excellence, Qiaosen made

        National service hotline: 400-139-0699
        STS series of high-precision three-cylinder guide Punch
        Product name:

        STS series of high-precision three-cylinder guide Punch

        Product number:
        Product introduction:

        High precision and high rigidity
        ■ The use of integrated high-strength casting machine, the stress relief, to ensure long-term accuracy.
        ■ Three-round guide column slider structure, the use of alloy steel bushings, with forced lubrication, so that thermal changes to a minimum and the highest accuracy.
        ■ Dynamic balance system to balance the crankshaft, the slider vibration generated at high speed, control the stability of bottom dead center.
        ■ Manual mold height adjustment, with a mold height indicator and hydraulic clamping device.
        ■ man-machine interface (electronic cam + rotary encoder) easy and accurate operation.
        ■ Operational functions integrated in the LCD screen, the display automatically within the fault.
        ■ Clutch / brake device highly sensitive, the world''s top single solenoid valve to ensure the operation of the punch slider and stop the accuracy and safety.

        ■ A well-designed electrical circuit design, with a variety of automation equipment, automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.